Welcome to Digital / Electronic system of Healthcare Sector

An Digital Health Record (DHR), is paperless reporting of health records as a Go Green !! Which provides all the medical information of an individual upon a single click. The electronic records are stored based on real time records of patients.

Digital Health Records contains all the neccessory medical information of

  • Medical History
  • Patient Family History
  • Pathalogical testing records
  • Diagnostic parameters reports
  • Various treatments records
  • Genetic diseases history
  • Preventive Health Check-up records

Welcome to Digital / Electronic system of Healthcare Sector

  • Digital health records (DHR) are easily accessed by individual at the place any time
  • The individual can use the DHR at any point to explain the physician about medical and healthcare history.
  • DHR, Can be used to identify the trends of body pathophysiological parameters.


The digital Health Reports, of most of the tests are available on the same day and can be assessed anywhere , anytime through our website. All the clients / Patient reports are now available online for a period of one year from the test date. You can Login with your details and view / download all your test reports.

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