About Us

Muharvi Healthcare OPC Private Limited., is a rising organisation in the field of preventive healthcare and wellness industries and accredited as ISO 9001:2015 for the offered quality services in healthcare sector.

Established in the year 2018, is uniquely positioned to more effectively support local pathology laboratories, diagnostic centers, nutritional/diet consultants, naturopathy centers, physiotherapy centers, beauty care units, fitness clubs and Yoga Centers etc. for enhancing the community preventive health care awareness towards the wellness.

We are greatly concerned about the deteriorating health of the community due to hectic living lifestyles and coming with the one step solution to cater preventive health care and wellness ideas to the needy regarding good diet, physical involvement in workout sessions, avoiding bad habits, and maintaining a happy and balanced life.

Our Vision

"Committed to improve the deteriorating health of community through continuous awareness for preventive health care and wellness."

  • To promote a preventive health care with predetermination of body physiological conditions by laboratory testing and diagnostic methods.
  • To promote an approach of wellness by proper consulting on balanced diet, nutritional aspects to enhance drug-less therapy which combines Preventive and Diagnostic Health Checkups, Natural Cure with Yoga, Naturopathy and Physiotherapy to make the community/patient understand the abundance of preventive care, natural treatments, regulated trough eating habits, exercise, life style modification and to take the concept to the community / society.
  • To encourage the community towards the improvement of family health by preventive care and natural cure.

Our Mission

"It's no coincidence that four of the six letters in health are 'heal.'" - Ed Northstrum.

Our first and foremost mission to achieve excellence in the field of preventive healthcare and wellness by setting high quality standards for laboratory and diagnostic testing, preventive health checkups and naturopathic / physiotherapy services to become India's most valued company to serve patients, customers, business partners and the communities around us and live in.

Our mission is to drive the development and early implementation to build on the company's leadership positions, provide access to medical and scientific expertise, expand geographical presence. It is also our prior mission to educate and train the community with information and needs of preventive and diagnostic testing’s to build the better health.

Quality Policy

Muharvi Healthcare OPC Private Limited., is committed to improve the deteriorating health of community through continuous awareness for preventive health care and wellness by offering quality services and products. Our commitments are achieved through;

  • Value addition to the community health by offering excellent preventive and diagnostic care services relating to an asymptomatic patient for the purpose of case finding and screening for undetected disease and higher risk behavior.
  • Promotion of Health and disease prevention by health awareness programs.
  • Management and implementation of naturopathic and physiotherapy practices, are a distinct system of primary health care -an art, science, philosophy and practice of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness.
  • To improve the immunity of the body by natural care.
  • To satisfy the customers/patients by offering the excellence in quality services and products.